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Accessed on Tuesday, 31st July 2012 @ about 8:15am GMT+1

Blinkbox homepage screenshot

General overview
Blinkbox is a website where you can find movies to watch; some of them are free, others are not.

This review will not comment on the movies themselves, but only on some aspects of the web site.

Finding the web page
The address itself is quite easy, if you already know the site. The www part is optional and if you type instead of .com you will be automatically redirected to the main address.

If you know the site but don’t want to guess the address, it is very easy to find it on other search engines. If you use the keywords “blinkbox” to perform a search you will discover it among the very top results (usually at the top).

Loading speed
The page loads pretty fast, considering how much is in it, but seems to have a fixed size, not allowing the best usage of screen estate. In fact if you click any extra space at the sides, you get a new window or tab with a web site related to the advert used as background.

Use of technology
Technology is widely used throughout the site, but appropriately so.

There is a flash advert at the top and one near the bottom (if you don’t use flash, you don’t miss much there), there is a powerful search tool, there is a place to save movies to watch later (similar to YouTube in the way it functions); however it works even without logging in.

No special abuse of useless and often harming technology has been found there.

Any abbreviations can be considered common language and should pose no issues to native and non native English speakers.

Logic structure
Quite good and effective.

Fitness for purpose
No problems there, either; however, some content has poorer resolution and sound that you would expect.

Search function
Very powerful and simple at the same time.

Site map
Quite basic but acceptable, given the type of site.

Graphic look
The page looks nice and suitable for night use, watching movies. It is also very effective and fairly easy to navigate.

No overlaps have been found on the page. This means all content is clearly displayed as intended and there is no content hidden by other page elements.

Drop down lists
There were none.

Accessibility statement
There was no explicit accessibility statement; this means some accessibility programs may not offer users this page to browse. Although it is not always the case, this may also mean accessibility is not given much priority on page development.
Whether the lack of such statement is an actual flaw is arguable; however, it never hurts to add one.

There is no explicit validation button on the page. This means it is harder to verify the page is compliant with coding standards. A page that is not compliant may show correctly on the devices and browsers it has been tested on, but may present nasty surprises elsewhere.

Using W3C validator, the page showed as HTML 5. The validation returned errors and warnings, showing lack of compliance.

This is not uncommon, particularly in complex pages like this one. No major errors have been detected, but full compliance would not hurt, particularly knowing any issues can be fixed without too much work.


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