Reviews Details

An overview of our content is available in the About page linked here.

Our reviews will select any of the following factors and would not be necessarily all comprehensive. This is because sometimes we just want to bring some aspects of good or bad practice to the user or developer attention.

Complete reviews will comment on:

  • Basic correctness of code, as errors here may affect the way different browser and devices display pages. It is not uncommon that errors in this area may cause no obvious problems to the developer and some users, but they may make a web page completely useless to others.
  • Accessibility of the page, including web-reader friendliness, alternative text for elements, meaningfulness of links, table-free layout (tables should be confined to their logic content purpose), abbreviations, table heading and IDs, accessibility statement, access to site map and search function, logic layout, no-frame structure, device and browser compatibility etc.
  • Address and search engines registration, as the website should be easy to find.
  • Optimisation for speed and file sizes.
  • Use of relevant technology, without abuse.
  • Consistency in look across different devices.
  • How pleasant it is to browse, read and watch, trying to focus on objectiveness, but allowing personal tastes, too.
  • Fitness for purpose.
  • Site or pages errors.
  • Link exchanges.
  • Content errors.
  • Ability to be properly linked from outside (e.g. permanent addresses).
  • Ability to be properly bookmarked (e.g. you shouldn’t have to re-browse to the exact page you bookmarked).
  • Page layout (e.g. no nasty overlaps).
  • Interactivity.
  • Privacy.

Other specific factors can be taken in account depending on circumstances.


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